Our Story

We are an Earth-Centric company that focuses on enriching the lives of our customers by offering the highest quality of organic raw cold press juices, smoothies, superfood bowls and other wholesome and delicious treats that will also provide you with a unique experience. Our goal is to bring balance to the mind body and spirit of every life we touch.

Why we do it!


             We do it for the love!!

The owners of Earth Basics Organic Juice Bar are extremely passionate about healthy juicing and healthy living. We are a family of life-long Vegans and Pescatarians. In 2016 when one of the owners were diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, we rolled up our sleeves and optimized our resources to find the perfect combination of natural healthy ingredients that would re-energize, invigorate and restore balance to the body. 


Creating the right combination of Organic fruits/vegetables and other superfood ingredients in our juices, smoothies, shots, detox and other offerings has resulted in life changing experiences. Our years of experience in the field of nutrition and healthcare provide us with a unique value proposition which allows us to understand the bodies nutritional requirements. 


Daily raw organic juicing and healthy nutrition is a way of life that we like to refer to as returning to "The Basics". We would also like to help you to return to "The Basics". "Earth's Basics that is"! Our routine daily approach has allowed us to persevere in our health journey, so at Earth Basics Organic Juice Bar our goal is to share our successes with you by offering the best selection of juices, smoothies and other wholesome treats. Let food be your medicine!!


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Cheers to Life!!!

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"I had an awesome experience at Earth Basics Juice Bar yesterday!! I couldn't believe how tasty and satisfying their organic smoothies and wraps were!!  I also had the avocado toast and that was wonderful as well! The decor and atmosphere in the juice bar were so inviting, calming and clean. Wow!!! They are so friendly and welcoming over there. I am a very health conscious person, so I am extremely excited to have discovered this little gem of a juice bar that is only 2 miles from my home. They can count on me as a regular. Love it!!!!"


"Tried the Monday Morning smoothie and The Defender juice shot and fell in LOVE! Such a great atmosphere and vibe. Everything in the menu looks great and I can't wait to come back!! Such a great addition to Duluth."


"This is the best juice bar I've ever been in.  It is truly a 100 percent organic. The atmosphere is clean and the people are very friendly.   I had the boost me up and the avocado toast. They were really, really good!  I highly recommend Earth Basics Organic Juice Bar."


"Best freshly juiced organic juice bar in the area. After being down with the seasonal cold I had The Hots shot followed by The Beet Down and their version of Peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Everything was so delicious. The environment is modern and inviting. I can't wait to visit again to try the other drinks on the menu."